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LoRa Water Meter Pricelist

  • Provincia: Las Palmas
  • Listado: 24 octubre, 2019 3:28 am


The system consists of LoRa wireless remote valve control water meter, data concentrator and operation management platform. The ultrasonic lora water meter is transmitted or received via radio (current frequency 470-510 MHz, 865-868 MHz) to the concentrator, and the concentrator transmits data via the SIM card network or accepts commands to connect to the operating platform. Thereby, the water consumption of the water meter is viewed on the platform, and the function of the water meter switch valve is controlled.
LoRa water flow meter use conditions:
Water temperature: 0-30鈩?/p>
Working pressure: no more than 1MPa
Pressure loss class: 螖P63
Maximum allowable error of LoRa water meter: 卤5% & 卤 2%
Power supply: 2.1V-3.6V
Accuracy Class: Class B
Normal Diameter: DN15-DN600
Maximum indication: 999999.9
Flow prefile sensitivity class: U10/D5
Environmental Class: Class B
1. What are the requirements for the LoRa band?
At present, our LoRa water meter can be used in the frequency bands of 470-510MHz and 865-868MHz, which is determined by the design procedure of the module. If you need other frequencies, you can customize it, but you need to batch, and the number of custom developments is more than 2000.
2. How many watches can a concentrator carry?
At present, the maximum single concentrator carries 500. Considering the actual installation density of the community, it is generally far lower than this number.
3. How does the concentrator transfer data?
The concentrator needs 220V power supply, and uses GPRS to wirelessly transmit data to the platform on the PC side;LoRa Water Meter Pricelist

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