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This green color window box is very spring and fashionable. Your logo can be printed on the middle as our “greenlanes” what color do you like? Tell us, we can make it for you.
The PVC wall is printed as green and with logo, the aluminum alloy frames will be assembled in the 4 corners to fix the whole flower box. The assembly is easy for anyone. You can take it lightly to your window or deck or patio. There will be a hole for water flowing on the bottom panel. The soil inside the planter box will always be wet for the flowers growing.
The dimension of the green window box: 60cm*20cm*20cm
The lifetime will be more than 10years for outdoor
Characteristics of PVC Flower Box
1) PVC flower box with high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, insulation and soundproofing
2) Imitation wood texture natural lifelike, save energy, beautiful appearance, long service life, no maintenance.
3) Do not use wood as filler material to overcome the fatal weakness of wood and wood-plastic mold flammable and easily blackening.
4) PVC non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, environmental protection.
5) PVC can be nailed, can be planed, can be saw, can be glued, can be directly screw screws.
6) Easy to process and install, the surface will not crack heave.
7) The weight is about 50% lighter than wood wood, and the strength and toughness are better.
Aluminum alloy materials and PVC materials are the national key to promote energy-saving products, well received by customers at home and abroad!Window Box manufacturers

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