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700g Cone To Cone Yarn Winding Machine China

  • Provincia: Las Palmas
  • Listado: 26 junio, 2019 11:02 am


Zhuji feihu textile machinery CO.,LTD. Main Products of our company mainly include yarn twisting machine, winding machine, yarn expansion machine, hank reeling machine and other textile machines.
Founded in 1995. professional enterprise integrating research, development and production of textile machinery. Force keep innovating new specification. FEIHU exports 60% of its machines to all corners of the world. Particular attention is paid to emerging markets such as India and Turkey although, of course, the traditional outlets of North and South America, Europe and parts of Africa are not neglected. Despite the enormous spread of its export network across 70 countries, customer service is of first order, in line with the company policy that emphasize maximum product quality and equally high quality standards in its customer relations. FEIHU is a mainstay of the Zhejiang economy and aims to play an increasingly important role at national, china, Asia and world levels.
Product Quality
Advance equipment. Mainly equipment import from Italy and Japan.
High stand workshop management. At the same time we have a group of experienced and carefully installed workers.
After-Sales Service
The after-sales service counts on the most advanced technological instruments and provide:
1. Distribution and management of spare parts
2. Personalized kits for special needs.
3. Marketing searches to stimulate dialogue with clients
4. E-commerce endowed with:
1) Analysis of parts and services
2) Spare Parts Catalogues
3) On-line purchase
5. Increased efficiency dealing with clients
6. Repair of electronic boards
7. Technical support at customers
In China’s domestic market, many factories provide active help from design to machine installation to product production. At the same time, we also provide one-stop service in foreign markets.
Our Product
Yarn Winding Machine
Yarn Twisting Machine
Yarn Expanding Machine
Yarn Plying Machine
Yarn Carn Machine700g Cone To Cone Yarn Winding Machine China

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