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Baffle Heat Exchanger manufacturers

  • Provincia: Cuenca
  • Listado: 26 febrero, 2020 4:16 am


Shell-and-tube exchangers contain several types of baffles to help direct the flow of both tube-side and shell-side fluids. Pass partition baffles force the fluid to flow through several groups of parallel tubes. Each of these groups of tubes is called a “pass,” since it passes the fluid from one head to another. By adding pass partition baffles on each end, the tube-side fluid can be forced to take as many passes through the exchanger as desired.
Our feature:
Allowance for thermal expansion
Efficient heat transfer
Ease of cleaning
Mechanical robustness
Typical Applications :
The shell-and-tube heat exchanger is by far the most common type of heat exchanger used in industry. It can be fabricated from a wide range of materials both metallic and non-metallic. Design pressures range from full vacuum to 6,000 psi. Design temperatures range from -250oC to 800oC. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers can be used in almost all process heat transfer applications.
The shell-and-tube design is more rugged than other types of heat exchangers. It can stand more (physical and process) abuse. However, it may not be the most economical or most efficient selection especially for heat recovery applications or for highly viscous fluids. The shell-and-tube heat exchanger will perform poorly with any temperature crosses unless multiple units in series are employed.
Our Advantages:
Tube bundle is removable; therefore mechanical cleaning is possible on the shell side.
Attachment of tubes to single tube sheet eliminates the need for differential expansion joint.
This type is suitable for high pressure.
High degree of protection from leakage is possible.
Double tube sheet is possible to provide further protection from leakageBaffle Heat Exchanger manufacturers

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