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cheap Window Shutter Spraying Machine



All Spraying machine we manufactured can be applied to furniture,plastics,metal parts,glass,handicrafts,wooden door,cabinet door,art work,decorative board and other industries.

Wood Window Shutter Spraying Machine
Wood Window Shutter Spraying Machine Main Parameter
Overall Dimensions(mm)4100× 4500 ×3780
Total power(kw)19.5
Working width(mm)1300
Working Length(mm)300~3000
Working Thickness(mm)2~20
Oil supplyDiaphragm pump
Air pressure(Mpa)More than 0.6
Pneumatic DeviceSMC
Servo system(kw)3.5 siemens servo motor
Gun brandKremlin AVX
Gun diameter(mm)0.9
Number of guns4-8
Gun angleX,Y angle program write
Pump Brand and modelKremlin plunger pump 16.120F
Paint mist processing systemWater circulation,wind filter
Circulating water pump power(kw)3
Import and export fan power(kw)1.5 Import:DKT-2.8A 2sets
7.5 Export: 4-72-4.5A
Import and export fan brandPOPULAR
Air blastBlast frequency, filterable, adjustable air pressure
Conveyor speed(m/min)0 ~ 14
Conveyor methodBelt type/1.5kw
Belt cleaning systemFour rolls of cleaning with paint recycling
Paint typePU, UV, NC, AC, water-based paints
Control systemSiemens operating system
Touch Screen Vinylon MTR10GE
Back materialSteel plate
Electrical componentsSiemens
Body buttonJog button
Non-slip deviceBelt non-slip,anti-devitation
Network portCable jac
Interface lightsInterface warning light,showing water level pressure
Interface displayRunning state animation display,intuitive and vivid
Interface fontMedium,complex,English switch
Wood Window Shutter Spraying Machine Main Features
Wood/Furniture/MDF boards Auto Spraying Machine Parameter
Conveyor system:
1. the conveyor belt cleaning system is divided into two separate stages, the first stage of the conveyor belt surface mechanical scratches (paint recycling system), the second stage of the first conveyor belt, while cleaning the conveyor belt surface, Dry and dry.
2. from the conveyor belt surface scraping the paint automatically recovered to the collection box, if its chemical properties can be restored, you can all recycling.
3. the transmission speed using frequency adjustment, suitable for different speed coating requirements.
Gun device:
4. gun for the Kemlin gun can be used for each angle of the workpiece painting operations.
5. the configuration of Siemens programmable controller PLC, located in the machine at the entrance of the photoelectric scanning system, can accurately detect the workpiece signal to the PLC program controller, and control the spray gun spray range to save the amount of paint.
6. the operator can touch the screen control system to set the spray parameters, easy and convenient touch control, while the machine’s working status displayed on the screen, you can more easily understand the operation of the machine.
7. the intake of double-layer filter device to ensure that the air into the clean, exhaust pipe filter device to ensure that the spray produced by the paint aerosol filter clean.
8. the oil supply system by the corresponding diaphragm pump or pressure tank oil supply, to provide a stable flow for the paint, so that paint more smooth operation, the film is more full.
Wood Window Shutter Spraying Machine Detail Image

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Also 1.Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
2.Free proofing. cheap Window Shutter Spraying Machine

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