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China CU/PET For Cable

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LONGVISION is one of the leading suppliers for cable related products in the international market. Our products have been strictly in compliance with ISO9001 and widely recommended by our customers.
LongVision has over twenty years of experience in supplying Copolymer Coated Steel Tape, Copolymer Coated Aluminum tape, Polyester tape, Alu-pet Tape and Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA). The advanced production line, highly-skilled technician team, and professional managing team of our factories are the core elements that enable us to maintain the high quality of our products and services. Furthermore, our new technology relating to the Controlled Jacket Bond (CJB) production is one of the exceptional achievements of the research team. Patent protection for the relevant products and technologies has been launched in 2009.
The Wire Factory of LongVision, founded in 1992, has extensively engaged in the industries of both low and high carbon steel. These products have very wide applications in cable armoring, supporting, steel strength member for ACSR, fencing, bailing and packing.

In 2010,Longvision respectively invested two manufacturers. One is specialized in Water-blocking yarn, glass yarn, water-blocking glass yarn and polyester binder yarn; The other is specialized in mica tape and a series of flame-retardant tape. After upgrading the production line and introducing the advanced technology, we have achieved a leading level.

Apart from the above mentioned LongVision factories, there are also several factories that are under the supervision of LongVision, such as water-blocking tape, F.R.P.

In addition, authorized by a number of business partners, LongVision also distributes a range of associated products, including Electro and Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Tape, Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Wire, Copper clad steel wire and entire Cable Production Line which offers customers a One-stop Solution Services.
More detailed information about us is available on our website:
www.longvisionyarn.comChina CU/PET For Cable

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